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We are the big fans of world and ethno music, and we believe that culture is the universal international language, that can connect and unite people, open borders and tell us about the soul of a nation.

Using our knowledge, experience, energy and passion to what we are doing, we created the project that can unite a wide range of cultural diversities of Russia under one roof!

Being a bridge between world music bands and international and Russian experts in world music, we are presenting annual contest «Russian World Music Awards».

Truly Yours,

Nataliya Averina-Myazina
Russian World Music Awards

Jury of 2020
1. Mikhail Chaschin, ethnofestival «Nebo i Zemlya», Russia
2. Eric Mouquet, Deep Forest, Франция
3. Natalia Ulanova, festival «Golos Kochevnikov», Russia
4. Willi Klopottek, Mondophon, Luxembourg
5. Olga Sitnikova, festival «Protoka», Russia
6. Zhan Kasteev, festival «The spirit of Tengri», Kazakhstan
7. Jung Hun Lee, showcase festival Seoul Music Week, South Korea
8. Giorgos Markakis, Kosmos radio, Greece
9. Dina Bashkirova, festival «Krutushka», Russia
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